Friday Music


In the best gigs there often comes a moment where you are so overwhelmed by the experience that you almost ‘become’ the music and stop feeling that you are watching something.

That happened last Saturday. Whilst this may not be the best shot or edited video, it does capture something of the mood of the end of the evening.

I was fortunate indeed…

On vicarious fame.

‘You did really well Graham: well done!’

A few people said that after Saturday. In reality I did very little: the musicians did so much more. All I did was take the phone call and then others joined in- which they did, ably and well, working hard and spreading the story.

It was great: people came together, strengthened existing connections, made new ones and I got a few leads for future projects. That doesn’t feel like ‘doing well’- it feels like… normality- anyone can do it.

I have often been in admiration of the tiny groups of volunteers in communities like my own who have a reach far beyond themselves and are prepared to work for the greater good. Suddenly life feels better and what they do often unearths other like minded souls who did not know where to begin.

I think all I want to say is ‘thank you’ to people like them who make things like this happen. I am lucky living in a place like this.

Oh- music, live music- is something that is beyond fantastic!



I’m running another gig tonight on behalf of our village hall.

I always like doing this: good music- often way above what you would expect in village, local venue, a village coming together & loads of conversations. Plus I get to schmooze with the artists.

Award winning ‘folk’ (in a good way- there are many bad ways) artist & co writer of ‘Thinking out loud (& Ed Sheeran mentor): what is not to like?

Tickets have sold better than I hoped for, but there are still more available on the door if anyone fancies one- hell: I’ve even cancelled the normal teas and coffees & said we would just have a bar. Its rock n roll here, I tell you.

I am very excited

I always get so excited about the prospect of going to a gig. This has got more pronounced as I have got older (at a time, I suppose when I ‘should’ have got less excited): sometimes I feel I am living my life in reverse… There is something about live music that lifts me so much.

Today I will be meeting these two guys at my village hall. Even writing those words sounds so strange, but this is the 3rd gig I have set up in this village in the last 10 months. I really don’t know how that happened: a friend said ‘why don’t you?’ to my ‘if only’ and I did.

I am looking forward to it, although I feel responsible- even though I am acting as chair of the friends of the village hall, I booked these people & mercilessly trolled my friends to buy tickets.

One of my friends said ‘What you are doing is ‘gigevengelism’. I have never seen it as such, but I guess he has a point: it builds community, connects friends more deeply and gives me a contact group who I mercilessly facebook/text/tweet. Another friend once said ‘I know I got a text from you, but I didn’t read it as you are always inviting me to something’.

Anyway- we have a crowd: more than the minimum number that the manager wanted, but still room for more. Tickets on the door or from

Friday Music


This guy is the support act for a gig I am promoting on behalf of the local Village Hall a week this Thursday (13 days away).

I have seen him before- Radio 2’s young folk artist of the year last year- supporting Martyn Joseph. He is young and absurdly gifted & yet writes songs of real depth.

Next week- the main act, Willy Porter…. I am absurdly blessed.

Tickets at the absurd price of £10 from me or