Friday Music


Here’s the thing: I have been asked once again to have a go at an open mic.

Initially I was shocked: I didn’t exactly set the world alight last time I had a go. Also, it had taken me at least a year to learn the 4 songs I played.

The guy then said ‘I normally give each person around 30 minutes’. That terrified me: on my ability and the rate I learn, that would take me at least 2 years. And then there is the content: I am passable on one song, but after 5 minutes the cracks begin to show.

However, I nowhave 7 songs in rehearsal, adapted for my limited abilities. Given courage, time and grace they may well be ready. I may even do them all.

Someone introduced me to this song a couple of weeks back. I had vaguely heard of Arab Strap, but knew nothing of any of the members. I realised that a basic version, without the rhythm track and with a slight variation on the strum might work. The addition of a capo (the poor guitarist’s friend) means that everything can be fingered as if it were in the holy key of ‘G’.

If you listen carefully, you will hear that ‘that’ word appears twice. I texted a friend to say I might alter it to ‘screw’ or ‘mess’ and he said ‘You can’t mess with art.’ So watch…or listen… to this space in a few weeks…

Studio version:-