….and while we are about it: the joy of music

Let me face it: my wife and I have divergent tastes in music. I like almost anything that is not manufactured and twee and she doesn’t. I like music played loudly and she doesn’t. I like the angular, the unusual and thoughtful and…yes…. she doesn’t.

So I was suprised a few days back to find a Radiohead CD out ‘I was trying to tell the children about different types of music but didn’t know where to start.’

This is the kind of housework/spending quality time with your children/ helping them with their development that I love. Absolutely.

So for the last couple of weeks I have had carte blanche to experiment. I’ve not quite got to The Aphex Twin, Beta Band or the Streets just yet…..

This is what has been rocking our boat a lot recently, from one of my favourite albums of all time:-


Trouble is I used to have a mental image of driving around sunny Bristol in the mid 90s playing this…now the image I have is two boys playing football in the front room, fighting, committing horrible fouls and screaming…