Good Friday Music


I googled ‘Good Friday music’ and came up with a load of schmaltz. Why do Christian musicians do that? Here is a day of abandonment and loss; a day that honours ‘my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ and does not pretty it up or over emote it and you want to saccharine it out?

Don’t get me wrong: I could sing hymns like ‘When I survey’ and ‘My song is love unknown’ till the cows come home: they seem to have more truth than most music I have ever heard.

I like this song- I have it on an old cd single somewhere and have used it in a Good Friday service once or twice. I like the brokenness: it doesn’t shy from it or try and answer it.

On a day like today, I do not believe that we should either.

Good Friday Music


The original song was a traditional American folk song that various people have covered and interpreted. This band had a history of brokenness and I think this comes out in the way that this is sung. I found this version on a bargain bin CD single I bought years ago. I must have used it over 10 years ago in a Good Friday service after the reading about Peter denying Jesus three times and the cock crowing. Beautiful.

Today:no more words.