Friday Music

It was who did it. Over a month ago, he featured this:-

I heard the track he posted it and liked it. And then I did some digging:- an artist around the CCM scene who fell out with that scene and went back to being a musician who happened to be a Christian (I would say ‘went forward’). He wrote a clutch of songs and wanted to get people to record them: some of them would have faith and others none; just people he respected as musicians.

He could not get backing for the project so had to seek outside support. This was his rationale:-

One of the things that I wrote in my little plea for patrons was, ‘If you’re tired of fundamentalists, whether they’re Christian, Muslim or atheist, maybe you relate to the idea of who the rest of us are,’ ” he says. “I actually had a fundamentalist guy write me and say, ‘You know, I really want to give you my hundred bucks, but I’m really upset that you’ve left out the fundamentalists.’ I mean, it was a trick question. And I thought, ‘You’re the people excluding everybody, not me.’ “

And I liked reading this:-

‘The project gestures toward the rich complexity of spiritual expression, and acts as a reminder that it’s unwise to assume what a singer means, or doesn’t mean, when she sings of matters of the spirit.

“I didn’t care whether the people on the project believed what I believed or not,” says Madeira. “I mean, there is a theme. There is an inescapable acquiescence to the idea of God is love. So there’s a side of it that might as well be gospel, but it’s still a different gospel.”

…and the music? Well, being around Nashville there is a fair quota of pedal steel guitars and hammond organs and americana, but it is very very good.

If you look at Banksy boy for 15/4/12 you will see a very good video for a Shawn Mullins track. The one below has no video, just the song; this one stops me in my tracks each time I hear it.