Friday Music

I think I have only ever bought 2 or 3 albums on the day of release, but I got this one on Monday:-

Reviews have been mixed, but I am slowly getting in to it. Getting into an album is like meeting someone new: you have to be around them a lot and meet them on several occasions before you become aware of their hidden depths. It is too easy to go with the first impression: ‘indie-folk’ is what some describe it as which is a very unhelpful label. It is a bit like describing the Mona Lisa as a painting or cricket as a game….

If I was searching for quiet contemplation, I would not pick this album (although there are a number of thoughtful moments) when I am searching for hands in the air exaltation without a side order of cheese I would go for this. So far, on my brief forays into it, it has never failed to lift or move me.

This song in particular feels like a worship song, although a good one without a slice of the aforementioned cheese:-


Roll away your stone.

I helped to set up a fantastic night last Saturday: the comedian John Archer, a packed village hall and nearly £2000 raised for charidee. Part of my responsibility was making a mix cd of background music that was upbeat…… that wasn’t work; that was enjoyment. I rediscovered this:-


It is impossible to listen to stroking a metaphorical beard and nodding sagely…

‘It seems that all my bridges have been burned,
But, you say that’s exactly how this grace thing works
It’s not the long walk home
that will change this heart,
But the welcome I receive with the restart.’


Easter redux

OK, in between the 1000’s that turned out to hear me preach (not bad for 3 villages of approx population 3500) on Easter Sunday, I managed to do a powerpoint.

A fair proportion who come on Easter Sunday never experience the week, so part of any Easter Sunday worship that I lead goes into Good Friday and Saturday (otherwise ‘victory’ seems hollow and just ignores pain and questions).

A few weeks ago put me onto Mumford and Sons. Brilliant album. Sometimes when I hear music I ‘see’ images and animation (I don’t yet have the know how to put this into practice). When I heard the first track; ‘Sigh no more’, I could ‘see’ Good Friday and Easter Sunday. A few nights tinkering and the worship opened with a basic powerpoint of images to this track.

I found it moving and it led me into worship. Don’t know what it did for anyone else, but no one howled and walked out. I have also had no angry calls demanding my resignation (yet).

Anyone who wants can have a copy and is welcome to rewrite it/re-use it, Just so long as I get a prize for the first person in the world to use ‘Mumford and Sons’ in worship that is…

Lent: 3 short sentences- 15


‘It seems that all my bridges have been burnt

But you say that’s exactly how this grace thing works

I’s not the long walk home that will change this heart

But the welcome I recieve with the restart’

Grace always keeps me going: and the thing about Grace is it crops up in unlikely places.

(Mumford and Sons ‘Roll away your stone’ on ‘Sigh no more’: a phenomenal album)