Friday Music

Marmite: you either love it or you hate it. This is true: indeed so true that the makers adopted it as a slogan a few years back.

This is Marmite Music: you will either hate it or love it. In fact, if you love it, it will be a slow love and is unlikely to be love at first sight.

It is only a few years ago that I discovered ‘Neutral Milk Hotel’ and ‘In the aeroplane over the sea’: an obscure album but highly influential. Both my children like it as it is so different and strange. When that group disbanded, the drummer drifted; even spending time as a postman in Leicester (something that we share: I was a temporary postman in Leicester, back in the day...). Then he learned accordian and formed this group.

I am growing to like the album I found: ‘darkness at noon’ (any title like that would do it for me), but it is strange: kind of Neutral Milk Hotel meets an accordian and violin in Bulgaria, gets seduced by Transylvanian folk music but periodically wakes up and remembers his rock/avant guard heritage….