Another musical Friday

This is the 2nd of 3- you can’t wait can you?

It was who put me on to this (Owen Pallett, Heartland) . She seems to share a love of nu-americana and a sideways look at faith.

I got into this via a cheap promo copy (thank you God for e-bay and amazon marketplace: salvation for music on a stipend). It is, to use an overworked word, gorgeous: high voice, lots of strings, unusual key changes and strange rhythms.

Wish I could tell what he was singing about: I caught a reference to Psalm 21 in one of the songs, but that was all. If you scroll down bad alice’s blog, you will see a live video of Owen Pallett performing solo, using violin loops on ‘The Great Elsewhere’. I cannot get enough of that song.

And yes, I guess I buy too much music…