Friday Music


Some more old music.

I have decided; partly through the desire to make cutbacks, but also through the recognition that I have so much stuff (I am going through an extreme phase at the moment of disliking TV adverts: if I see one more about perfect middle class families needing more product to fuel their vacuous lives, I may just…. compile a passive aggressive blog posting about it) to buy less music and instead listen to the vast swathes of music that I have.

I am discovering that I hardly know; much of the music that I have: a cd is bought, some are well listened to, but most have a listen or two and are filed with many rarely played again. It has been and is a lovely experience.

It was only as a reissue of the above album was featured in a popular music magazine that I realised I already had a copy. Since then it has been in my car and repeatedly listened to. I can’t say that I am ‘into it; but its wistful melancholy is growing on me. I almost feel like a lovelorn student in a grimy hall of residence….