Friday Music


I have had this song before, only a few weeks ago.

It was on the playlist (yes really) for background music for my last service on Sunday, at least partly because my younger son likes it.

All this week I have been doing admin, throwing things out and handing things over. Today is my final act as a Methodist minister (apart from dropping some wedding certificate copies off later on: the excitement…) in this group of Methodist Churches: I am doing a final assembly and farewell at a school. I’ve always liked schools and thrive on doing work there- if anything, it has helped me speak to adults better.

I promised I would bring my guitar in, and so after an assembly on the prodigal son, I will play this to say ‘goodbye’ and effectively bring down the curtain on 15 and a half years in Methodist circuit ministry.

I may blub.

Monday Music

One of the great things about leafing through that massive pile of music that I was given is finding lots of stuff I’d heard about but not heard. I have set myself the task of limiting myself to the best 10 or taking more and donating to a charity that one of my churches support that helps refugees and asylum seekers. The way things are going, I am a long way down the latter road- I’m on a working ‘keeps’ pile of around 30 at the moment. Bleed for me, oh my people, bleed for me.

I am just working my way through a trio of Regina Spektor albums (Gravediggers…, begin to hope and Soviet Kitsch) which are keepers. Wonderful quirky music a long way from introspective woman/man with a guitar singing ballards about why they have perfect teeth and hair whilst the world is in a mess (all encased in a matt finish gatefold sleeve in tasteful pastel shades). What is not to like about someone who has song titles like ‘Ode to divorce’, ‘Ghost of corporate future’ or ‘Oedipus’?

Current favourite ‘begin to hope’, especially ‘Fidelity’. I’ve just checked the cover; oh dear- she does have perfect teeth and hair….why is the world so unfair?