If you are still full…..part 2

Alternatively- you may not feel like blissful, introspective tunes. You may crave the pure simplicity that is to be found between lead guitar and bass, laced with apocalyptic lyrics.

Well, I have just the thing for you:-


I just like the title ‘Retribution Gospel Choir’. I also like the music: 10 tracks and just over 30 minutes. As any fule kno, it is a side project of Alan Sparhawk of Low (I am inordinately and incomprehensibly fond of Low) and seems to feature at points all of the 3 members of Low.

Music to blow the cobwebs away coupled with the kind of lyrics that if someone spoke them to you, you would want to walk away from them. Plus another ‘steal’ pricewise for me. I read somewhere that it is ‘poppy yet visceral’ and I would concur with that. Any album that thanks various people and ‘God’ is either good, scary or cheesy.

Stop press:…new CD out next month….. I’m like the man who tried to pack himself into a small suitcase: he could hardly contain himself…. I’ll get my coat…

…and another thing: it is between Christmas and New Year: why on earth are you still accessing the web?