Comedy and Music


I don’t watch much TV: life is too short. One thing I will do is watch DVDs: films and series- things that I think have been well made.

The last few weeks I have been rediscovering the excellent ‘Early Doors’; it has been compulsive late night viewing for me and my wife*. Only 2 series (12 programmes) were ever made. It is pre ‘Royle Family’ and I think it is much better: on a par with the jewel of short run British comedy- Fawlty Towers- although very different.

If you can get past the language, it is superb- quiet, slow, understated, character driven and very, very funny. It is very Northern, which I like. It helps too, that one of the cast is a friend of a friend.

This song introduces every show. I’d love to be able to play the guitar like this…

(* ‘my wife’ indicates possesiveness. It is not meant to be: this is my blog, not my family’s- whilst I may reference them, I rarely name them)