Friday Music


It was a late birthday present and only arrived this week.

The first time that music has arrived here and I have had to fight with my youngest child as to who gets to hear it first.

The first time he has worked out what kind of cd I would like (my wife of over 25 years still can’t).

I was captivated by ‘Searching for Sugarman’ a couple of years back and bought ‘Cold Fact’ (I don’t like compilation or ‘best ofs‘) and was trying to justify Rodriguez’s 2nd album, but couldn’t. Now my 11yr old son adores the film (although we manage to skip the f-bomb: the first time he heard that part he fell about laughing) and searches Youtube to find as many songs as possible.

This is not as immediate as the first album, but somehow deeper and richer for that. I love the mournful, elegiac tones of this song. I am hoping to listen to this again and again on long car journeys….if I can liberate it from my son’s clutches…

Friday Music


I have been listening to this again partly through my son Ben.

He ‘gets’ music in a way that the other two members of the family don’t. He will listen to stuff far above him and work on it until he can feel it. He sings stuff by Rodriguez, Spiritualized, Pink Floyd, Damien Jurado etc etc as he has heard me playing it and is intrigued. By and large he does not like the obvious- straighforward stuff that everyone else listens to.

It is great working late at night as he falls asleep and listening to his bedtime music.

He likes this track- at least partly as it mentions ‘sex’ and is working his way through the ‘Searching for Sugarman’ film.

I am looking forward so much to when he gets older and he takes his own musical path..and then listening to the music he has found.

Friday Music

I finally managed to get hold of the first album by Rodriguez, ‘Cold Fact’ and it is amazing.

A couple of weeks back I blogged on the film ‘Searching for Sugarman’ and I was so taken in by the story and the music, I wanted to experience more. I don’t like ‘best ofs’ (ie the film tie-in CD), so this week I am mostly wearing tie died shirts and smoking enormous reefers to get into the mood (I may have used irony there) of the recording. This is the title track; as I listen to it, I am stunned as to how it never became huge when it was released.