Friday Music


I am putting this track up as it reminds me of The Cornshed. It is not the normal cover that I would have expected at that august and now, much lamented late venue. However, it was played so well by a duo I have come to admire: ‘The Project’, that I am including it here. They didn’t play it bombastically, but reread it well. I liked it.

I never really ‘got’ The Stones and even now I am merely a dabbler in their vast oeuvre, but this is one of their songs that I really like. It is very sixties: rebellious, yet firmly grounded within the Judeo Christian Christian tradition it never really seeks to supplant.

And yes: I did see the irony of being the MC when this was played…

Friday Music

Picking over the rotting carcass of HMV on my birthday, I managed to find ‘Exile on Main Street’ by the Stones at an unbelievable price. Yes, that sentence saddens me; music going from the High Street and my own avaricious nature….

Still, it is a very good album:-


A good album that I am still getting into. I never really ‘did’ the Stones, I was (and still am) a Beatles man….. but this has made me curious and eager to learn more.

O Music; why do you torture me so: I only have a minister’s stipend and an eyewatering overdraft….flee from me….