Friday Music


I like charity shops. The last 12 years have not exactly been abounding with mountains of surplus income, so we have used them to supplement the ‘stuff’ in the house. Mostly I like them for the books and the CDS/DVDs: Netflix and downloads have been a boon to a minister with a music/pop culture fixation.

Occasionally, under the many many copies of ‘Robbie Williams sings 1950s advertising jingles’ and ‘Atomic Kitten: the grime & hardrock years’, I unearth a gem. Actually, I enjoy the searching more than the finding (which just about describes my life.…). That happened to me a couple of weeks ago..

I love the music of Sigur Ros; it often lifts me out of where I am & somehow suspends me in time. I had been tracking ‘Hvart/Heima’ for a while: one disc studio recordings that never made the cut (unusually for a band, these are good) and one side ‘live’- not in front of an audience but recorded ‘one take’ in a hut in the middle of their native Iceland. All this for an incredible £1.09! I tell you: I was so excited I nearly went into the newly opened bread shop nearby & bought a loaf of sour dough bread. But no: enough excitement & reckless expense for one day.

The above is one that I have started to play again and again & have begun to lose myself in it….

We interrupt this series to bring you…

A picture of snow.

This is from my back window yesterday morning. I am fortunate to live with a view like this in a tiny and overcrowded country. I took it with an ipod touch that a friend gifted me 2 weeks ago just because I could. I emailed it to myself just because I could. I am thinking that my ancestors were the kind of people that stood in the street for hours watching the first traffic lights change over and over again. Just because they could.

Here is the hot news from North Yorkshire: snow is white, it comes from the sky. When it is cold it sticks to the ground. Sometimes cars can’t move. It is cold. That is basically what the local news has been saying for 3 days: spin that out for several hours, add lashings of hyperbole, the odd poorly chosen music track (‘Let it snow’ anyone?) and hey presto: local radio.

Still, this is the most snow I have known in November ever. I am just waiting for the inevitable Daily Mail articles on ‘And they call it global warming: secret left wing plot to disable Britain by those overpaid Brussels bureaucrats’ and I will know that winter has truly set in.

I never feel like working on days like this. The house is full of the laughter of children and frequent interruptions from the same. I love days like this!

Track for today when seeing a field full of snow and then running through it: Sigur Ros- Glosoli.