Hmmm…part 2

Something made me think in ‘The Methodist Recorder’ a few weeks back (that sentence does not work on several levels). In the ‘Jesus Music’ section (yes really), the guy is reviewing a new praise and worship CD and comparing it with the new ‘Soulsavers’ (Mark Lanegan, Dave Gahan and others). He makes these points:-

On the first CD, whilst he is in overall appreciative of what is offered within it’s genre, he says that:-

‘the usual deficiency is evident, meaning the lack of contemporary references and in comparison there comes overdoses of personal salvation and all is wonderful for me.’

He then says:-

‘In the former you get the Gospel to some extent, but yearn for day-to-day life to impregnate the lyrics and don’t get it, while in the latter the lyrics tell it like it is but there’s no Gospel.’

If I hadn’t already exceeded my self imposed music budget this month, I know what I would spend my money on….. and what I wouldn’t….and you know what- I bet there is yearning and powerful longing for something Other; even if not clearly articulated…