Friday Music


So, spurred on by a conversation I had late in a pub last week, I have been mentally reviewing songs I can play without resort to a lyric sheet or chord chart.

This is one of the 3 I can play well (by ‘play well’ I mean ‘I can remember’. I do not pretend to any artistry). Like most songs I know, it is melancholy and has a sense of ‘longing’. The version I do is a lot shorter.

I also have another 4 songs in development that are….melancholy….

Sometime when the September madness has died down and my broadband has been fixed (it takes extra time out of a packed diary to find a hotspot) I will take up my friend’s offer and practice, using his sound system…and I may make an open mic….

Songs of Redemption Opus 7


Songs that show brokenness I find appealing. Songs where the singer feels mired in sin, but longs for Grace I love. Songs where the singer knows what s/he could do but is so attracted by what they want to escape from move me.

A couple of months ago I had a steal in a HMV sale: 2 Spritualized CDs for less than £3 in total. I had heard of them, listened to them, but never bought any of their music. I knew fragments of their story; that latterly their singer had come close to death but miraculously came through. I also knew hints of long romances with substances that were likely to be stronger than snuff.

So I got to ‘Let it come down’ and began to listen (I had been strangely unmoved on first listen to ‘Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space’). Have you ever had that moment where you were stopped still by a song? I did on ‘The Straight and the Narrow’. It was a combination of all the things I said in the first paragraph, a cracked voice and a great tune.

‘The trouble with the straight and the narrow
Is its so thin, I keep sliding off to the side
And the devil makes good use of these hands of mine’

So much honesty…could use a church like that. Maybe you are not far from the kingdom of heaven.

‘And if Jesus is the straight path that saves
Then i’m condemmed to live my whole life on the curb
On the crossroad to the devil, I’ll dwell and i’ll count my years’

Reaching, longing, but despairing….

You know that I got a little something I should say
I guess that I’m just so easily led astray
It’s alright because I know my own way back home from here

And I don’t fall off the wagon you know
I take a dive and go as deep as I can go
Don’t hold your breath because I’m coming up slow, this time’.

...and being attracted to what destroys…..longing to escape, but liking it at the same time. Love it love it love it….