Way hey it’s Friday music day!

A few rules about this blog:-

1:You can never have too much music.

2:The best songs written are mournful ones.

And that about wraps it up.

A couple of weeks ago I was having my monthly fix of Q magazine (corporate magazine for aging rock dinosaurs) and there was the first of a series of article on ‘wild people of rock’ or some such title. Titles like that do not interest me. I get enough wild and debauched behaviour in the average small Methodist chapel’s church council (hmm-I may have used irony there…).

But there was something about the article that got me reading. Writing about broken characters trying to produce beautiful music invariably attracts me. This was ‘number 1’ in that series: a feature on John Grant who made ‘Queen of Denmark’: ‘critically acclaimed’ blah blah blah. But there was something in his story about giving up on music and his previous band, learning Russian and working as a teacher and only being coaxed out of that by Midlake (for those of you who don’t do music, I could be making all of these names up) that made me want to listen to some of his music.

So I played one of my favourite games: ‘Imagine you have a minister’s stipend and a family of 4 and want to buy shed loads of music: how can you buy it cheaply?’ and I found this for less than three of your English pounds; the last album made with his previous band that caused him to retire:-

..and it is beautiful; tunes that melt and move you and lyrics that eschew the ‘book of twee’. Man (or woman) you can’t go wrong with:-

‘Pain pain, it takes so much pain,

To help you feel,

If you can’t feel at all’

..well I don’t think you can…


…and if you can listen to this without bawling, then you are better than me…