The over has ended…

Let all mortal flesh keep silent, still the bells and put the flags at half mast. The English cricket season ends today (well the first class season ended yesterday; it’s just one day cricket today).

This is the moment when the horizontal rain, the damp and the high winds of summer give way to the horizontal rain, the damp and the high winds of autumn. September cricket is poignant as I know it is all going to end soon. The last day is worse for me. The only thing that cheers me (apart from my deep love for The Lord, all his people and His work of course..…) is listening to this:-


Cricket and music should not mix: it’s not right and it doesn’t work (Think ‘Howzat’ from the 70s and ‘Two little pals of mine from the 50s… case proven) : this does IMHO. Tongue in cheek without becoming comedy…. totally brilliant. ‘Jiggery Pokery’ never fails to make me laugh (even when it rhymes ‘Aussie skulduggery’ with ‘buggery’…may be a while before I play that in church…) as does ‘Meeting Mr Miandad’……. others just make me sing and lift my spirits on this day: the saddest of the year….

…excuse me I have to break off there and cry….