Friday (Boxing Day) Music


I have featured this before and a couple of years back I played it and preached on it. It is a great song for the Christmas season (which began at midnight on Christmas Eve and continues to Jan 6th…).

I like the song anyway, but I also like the juxtaposition of Brandon Flowers, Elton John & Neil Tennant; one artist with faith and two without formal faith (the latter 2 who have reasons to dislike formal faith)- sometimes the best songs do not come from harmony but jarring personalities.

I also like the theology: tying Joseph in with exile/wilderness.

‘The desert is a hell of a place to find heaven’.

Amen to that.

Joseph: Better you than me.

I picked this up from It was a song that had passed me by.

I ended up playing the video over and over again. So much so that I used it in an evening ‘traditional’ service 2 weeks ago. I found it incredibly moving: more so that alongside the Killers (the lead singer is, I believe, a practicing Mormon but no other group member ascribes to a faith) there are 2 voices, Elton John and Neil Tennant who have been hostile to church- with good reason.

Here they are seeing and singing light from outside the walls of respectable religion. There is so much I could say about this song (actually I said a lot 2 weeks ago!) and banksyboy says some good things. But on this Holy Night I leave you with the challenge that this song gives:

 ‘When the Holy Night comes upon you- will you do what’s right, the position is yours’