Friday Music

I get a free email every week from It is an American music/film site. It features stuff that is known but generally outside ‘corporate stadium rocklite’ (don’t ask: I may rant). Anything they rate over 7.5/10 is generally worth a look.

A couple of months back, they featured the debut CD from ‘The Lone Bellow’ and gave it 9.0/10. Well what is a Methodist Minister with no assets and an overdraft to do? Hmm….perhaps wrongly, he robs Peter to pay Paul. More accurately, he kicks the already robbed Peter some more, kicks him again and rips the clothes from his bloodied body and sells them (did you see what I just did there?)….

I wouldn’t give it 9/10: some of the tracks go from nu-Americana to disturbingly close to Country Music. However, there are some excellent tracks on it. A long car journey to Scotland, anticipating a retreat and a long journey back with the bittersweet feeling of ‘endings’ provided just the right kind of melancholy to start to ‘live’ in the music. I particularly like this track and played it over and over again….