Friday music


This week I have been listening a lot to ‘The Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs’. I have had it for a while and never really ‘got’ it. A comment by Duke Special at a gig just under a fortnight ago about this group got me listening to it again.

It is by turns brilliant, unwieldy, off kilter and very hummable. It is also highly unsuitable for my 11 year old son, although most of the imagery he would get and laugh at. I would be in a whole heap of trouble with my wife though.

Duke Special did an arch and knowing version of this song, that I will long remember, but cannot think of an occasion where I would sing it in public.

I like the droll version of this- the explanation is worth listening to, but the song begins at around 2 minutes.

Friday Music:69 Love Songs

It is a vain conceit to produce a triple cd with 69 songs about love (geddit?…ok… maybe not). But this album is vast, sprawling, untidy and it somehow works. Another cheap buy of a cd I have tracked for ages.

Enjoy this extract: every home should have a song about the ending and longing of a gay love affair*:-


(* occasionally I use a concept called ‘irony’. If you like writing angry responses or going ‘Harumph’, then you better try another blog…)