Friday Music


I like my music like my Faith: it doesn’t duck or hide from the hard things and the questions that cannot easily-if ever- be answered.

This is from one of my favourite albums ever: ‘The Life of the world to come’. It is not a ‘Christian album’ (yeeuck...) and has particular resonance personally at the moment.

It is not ‘easy listening’: I find it impossibly moving.

To all who are watching people being ravaged by cancer….

Friday Music

Coming back home a few weeks ago after both children restarted school, I felt especially blue. I searched for the chords of the saddest song I could recall and began to play it on the guitar.

The original band does it infinitely better than me. It is from one of my favourite albums ever.


It is music to my ears…

If you read this blog at all (a strange statement: to have got this far you must be reading. Ok- I’ll stop there and get my coat…) you will know that I love music. I am like a child in a shop with a lot of things that children like………sorry I’m fresh out of analogies; I was expecting a delivery yesterday but they got stuck behind a lorry load of hyperboles as big as an oil tanker.

A while back I read a review of a band called ‘The Mountain Goats’ that I had never heard of. They had a new CD out called ‘The Life of the World to Come’.


Turns out that every track title was a biblical verse: viz the opener is ‘1 Samuel 15:23’, 2nd track is ‘Psalm 40:2’ (the 2nd track I have on that Psalm- the other being ’40’ by the inevitable U2), right down to the last track which has the longer title ‘Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace’. I was intrigued- as far as I knew the group had no pretensions to Christianity.

I was even more intrigued, nay overwhelmingly overjoyed (I’m 43: I don’t get out much) when I managed to find a promo copy for £2.50.

Completely and utterly fantastic. I think I have a new contender for an entry into my personal top 10 cds of all time. The music I love- new Americana works for me most times. The words sound like they have been written by someone with a PhD in creative writing. I love the way the group have interacted with scripture- allusively and often obliquely; wishing that many Christians took so much time to handle, touch and taste and let it soak in.

Current personal faves: Matthew 25:21 – go read the passage and listen to a wonderfully written piece about a friend who burned bright dying of cancer (Ok- I don’t belive it is possible to write a good happy song) and Deuteronomy 2:10; an obscure verse , but a lovely song of being the last of your kind.

Achingly beautiful. But don’t waste your time on reading blogs; listen to it- better still buy it or search out the rest of their oeuvre…