Friday Music


I have featured this at least twice in the 6 plus years of this blog. For me, it is the best ever Christmas song.

My 10 year old son loves it as well, and often, to maternal opprobrium, sings the line that the BBC didn’t like. That is entirely my fault.

I have realised, in trying to explain the video, the song and ‘that’ line to my youngest son that it is a story. I think I always knew that, but putting yourself in the shoes of someone else’s perception gives new insights.

It plays heavily on the theme of many Irish and Irish expat songs of the ‘myth of return’- one day we will get back ‘home’, all our dreams will be fulfilled and it will be ok. I guess that the biblical narrative of Christmas has the same theme (without, obviously, the drunkenness and fighting- that is more the book of Esther).

Either way I like it: it is bittersweet and real. Many Christmas songs are not.