Friday Music


Last weekend I went to check out a new venue; it has been a long time since I have been to a gig that I have not organised. Try as you might, it is hard to relax into the music when you are promoting.

I went to see the fabulously quirky, yet brilliant ‘Head of Light Entertainment’ whom I increasingly love, but also the main act ‘The Nevile Staples Band’. Nevile Staples was and sometimes is part of The Specials (and was part of The Fun Boy Three).

If I’m honest, I preferred the former to the latter, but ska bought powerful memories of growing up in The Midlands in the 70s and black/white tension that this music began to combat. At first it was strange watching the Rude Boys and Girls of the 70s in the audience dancing now as much older people, but then it became compelling and heartwarming to see people uninhibitedly keeping the flame alive.

There was something about the way they reacted to the music and Neville Staples’ magnetism and showmanship that drew me in in the end.

Plus; singing along to Ghost Town on a seafront hotel in Saltburn; well- life doesn’t get any better, does it?