The saddest song:1

The Streets - Never Went To Church

OK- time for a bit of light relief- far too much earnestness around these parts.

A few weeks back I went to a friend’s house. I persuaded them to let me put my ipod in their docking station and press ‘shuffle’

After an hour or so, this friend was moved to say that my choice of music was unremittedly depressing. I begged to differ, but having had shuffle on for a while, she is right. But I like it this way: I don’t think you can have a truly great rock song that is happy…

What I plan to do occasionally over the next few weeks is to feature some contenders for what I believe to be the saddest song I own.

There: at last, some light relief. I don’t do frivolity- best try (I made that up).

So with a loud ‘ta-da’ or at the least an ‘oh’ of existential angst, my first contender is ‘The Streets’ ‘Never went to church’.

I preached on this a few years back when I was asked to say a few words at a Year 11 prizegiving. The first line is a killer: ‘Two great European narcotics; Alcohol and Christianity.I know which one I prefer’. After that it gets lower and lower; the singer detailing his dad dying, missing him and trying to find faith.

Listen and weep. I sometimes do…