Friday Music


I have lived my musical life out of sequence. It is only in the last couple of years or so that I have started to discover The Velvet Underground. This would be my belated tribute to the great Lou Reed (I have had ‘Transformer’ for years though).

Ignore some of the cheesy pictures: this is a great song. Often from outside faith you get better songs about faith.

Friday Music


I blame the comprehensive education system. I had heard of the Velvet Underground but never really played them: I am sure Michael Gove- that clear thinking and sensitive Education Secretary- will remedy this for future generations (oh dear, my IronyGenerator TM is stuck on ‘full’ again).

And then, miracle of miracles, a well stocked charity shop with a stack of cds at 99p that were not all ‘Blue’s Greatest Hits’ or that one by Toploader that includes that well known one that the TV plays every summer. And in that stack that I found 5 good cds, I found one by The Velvet Underground. There is nothing like playing music composed under heavy drug taking and extolling heavy drug taking that gets one in the mood for church meetings in rural North Yorkshire I find.

Mind you, I almost couldn’t get past this song: wow!