Friday Music


This one doesn’t make the top 20 Christmas records or even the top 50, but I think it is beautiful.

It starts off as comedy; having a gentle go at religion but then slides into something deeper. My line manager talks of something called ‘an atheist spirituality’; this is not in the sense of anything organised or formal, but the keen awareness of the deeper things of life and a sense of wonder in them.

This song never fails to move me, with it’s evocation of family, community and togetherness.


Midweek musical meditation:1

Did you spot that alliteration? Too much time sitting under evo preaching of a certain generation where there was an overdeveloped love of polishing sermons (sermons should be raw and wild, unpolished, real and passionate IMHO….. God addressing us, one of us, mind blowing, impossible fully to understand…our intellect breaking and straining…most times when I’m on the money that staggers me and my language breaks down…… anyway back to the point)….

3 posts then on different types of musical stuff that have rocked my boat over the past few days.

tim minchin

YesterdayI posted on ‘Desert Island Discs’. There was one track on that programme I hadn’t heard and by an artist I had no awareness of. The artist was a comedian called Tim Minchin and the song was ‘White Wine in the sun’: an athiest Christmas (or to be totally pc ‘xmas’ ) song.

By the miracle of the internet and a £1 freebie from the amazon mp3 store I went and bought it. How could you not love a song with the line in where he objects to the commercialism of Christmas and

‘the commercialisation of an ancient religion. To the westernisation of a dead Palestinian press ganged into service to sell play stations and beer’

I so love that line and wonder how I cooperate in that sometimes- making Jesus smaller so he mbecomes just a paler impression of me and my culture.

So fed up of the current Christian- athiest spat round, particularly on the Christian side- will we actually ‘win’ anyone by not honouring them as humans and listening? The song has jibes at faith, but is full of so much longing and so moving. I love it.