Friday Music


My youngest son has an intense interest in story. He has a wild dream (after bowling leg spin professionally) of being a film director. He wants to watch films that are way above him in terms of certification and often protests that many of his friends are allowed to watch films that I won’t let him watch.

I have started to watch some of those films with him, so he can at least think critically about what he is watching and learn to ‘decode’ things. For some reason he is attracted to horror/suspense films and he recommended ‘Insidious’. It was quite the most scary thing I had seen; amplified by the quality of the cinematography and the sudden film jumps.

We watched it together in the daylight in stages and talked about what we had seen. One of the most fleshcreeping parts was the scene set to this song. The video is of the original singer and not the film: the first time I have ever knowingly linked to Tiny Tim.

We will keep doing this together- just the 2 of us- as he grows and we move into a new phase of relationship.