Friends and Music

….. are two pleasures I really love.

So after a relatively ‘light’ Sunday (only one service with the tricky combination of people who don’t do church apart from the monthly village hall plus as a one off, a regular ‘traditional’ congregation: my tip is Luke 15:1-2- the insiders are already blessed; spend most time with those on the ‘outside’) and a generous wife who has allowed me to swan off on Mothering Sunday, teatime sees me in a car to York to meet up with 2 friends who shared a flat with me during my first degree 25 years ago…

…food, perhaps a beer or two and then Turin Brakes in concert (not a band I have really been into, but I’m open to being suprised. However: friendship, food, beer and live music- an irresistible combination).

complete and utter anticipation of bliss……….