Friday Music


It has been a long time since I bought any music. This has largely been intentional: financial cutbacks but also an awareness that I have too much ‘stuff’- if I want music, it has to be different.

…and then I discovered this.

I watched the Bowie Prom on BBC4- it was just like Bowie: some good stuff, some ok and some meh, but all under girded by a desire to experiment. I hadn’t heard of one of the singers and looked him up, discovering that he was in a band called ‘Villagers’. I found the cheapest, best reviewed album I could get and came up with (awayland) for 4 of your English pounds.

It would have been worth at least twice that: it isn’t ‘meat and potatoes’ music (ie intensely predictable), but something different; complex, but compelling with meditations on life,death and God. Who can fault a lyric like:-

“And we’ll drink to the gentle, the meek, and the kind, and the funny little flaws in this earthly design.”

Oh; and it sounds good as well…