Friday Music


It was Thanksgiving last week and on his official page, Willy Porter elected to share this video. Nothing unusual about that: musicians sharing videos is de rigeur. However, he is bigger and more well known in America than here, yet the video he shared was from England: Hutton Rudby to be precise and I was there….

Just a reminder to non believers; the music that I bring to our village hall on behalf of the Friends of the Village Hall is invariably top drawer, top hole & reet good. I was there and this came almost at the end, when the music and personality had washed over us and we were lost in the experience…

…and the next time we do this is on 30th January (not Willy Porter). Watch this space….

Last chance!

The Friends of Hutton Rudby Village Hall are promoting a gig tonight: Willy Porter.

If you are in any way connected to me by social media you will have been bombarded with innumerable texts/emails/ facebook posts to the point of screaming ‘will this bloody man just shut up?!’.

So after today, I will stop (until the next one in January)….

But seriously, he is good- plus I get to live the dream- well my dream- hand around with musicians that I like and for a while be a big fish in a small puddle.

He’s on tonight- did I say that? Tickets on the door…


About 3 years ago I accidentally started booking gigs in this Village. It came from seeing one of my musical idols at The Sage & musing to a friend that I reckoned we had a good venue & networks in this village and that we could host him. The friend said ‘Well; why don’t you ask?’ and I did.

That was the first one and 2 or 3 have followed since. But since I started my new role, I haven’t had the energy or the time to do so: free time and space during the day has been at a premium. However, a fortnight tomorrow (Thursday 15th October), the village hall host another gig; this time by Willy Porter (details here Tickets only £10….)

Always at this time it is the same set of feelings:-

  • When will people buy (most people here only buy in the last 10 days- week. This makes me nervous)?
  • Have I made people fed up by repeated batch texts/facebook posts?
  • Can I think of anyone else to tweet/or any press to carry stories?
  • Why on earth do I do this?

I like music- music is meant to be communal- music is meant to be local and not corporate…still: sometimes I wish someone else would take the plunge….

I am very excited

I always get so excited about the prospect of going to a gig. This has got more pronounced as I have got older (at a time, I suppose when I ‘should’ have got less excited): sometimes I feel I am living my life in reverse… There is something about live music that lifts me so much.

Today I will be meeting these two guys at my village hall. Even writing those words sounds so strange, but this is the 3rd gig I have set up in this village in the last 10 months. I really don’t know how that happened: a friend said ‘why don’t you?’ to my ‘if only’ and I did.

I am looking forward to it, although I feel responsible- even though I am acting as chair of the friends of the village hall, I booked these people & mercilessly trolled my friends to buy tickets.

One of my friends said ‘What you are doing is ‘gigevengelism’. I have never seen it as such, but I guess he has a point: it builds community, connects friends more deeply and gives me a contact group who I mercilessly facebook/text/tweet. Another friend once said ‘I know I got a text from you, but I didn’t read it as you are always inviting me to something’.

Anyway- we have a crowd: more than the minimum number that the manager wanted, but still room for more. Tickets on the door or from

Friday Music


Ok: last commercial. Next week this guy is on at my local village hall. Somehow, through my sporadic and lackadaisical chairing of the ‘Friends of the Village Hall’, I have promoted a few gigs. It happened by accident and has led to me staging gigs by two of my all time musical heroes in the space of 7 months (Martyn Joseph and Duke Special since you ask. Martyn comes back on 21st November. Even now those words sound so strange).

I saw Willy last year supporting Martyn. I wasn’t expecting much. When you are waiting to see an artist who has saved your life & has been a guiding light for over 20 years you are impatient to see the main act. However, I was utterly amazed: artful, artistic, plays with feeling and with a great sense of humour. He really can hold an audience. These videos, if anything, undersell him.

If you combine it with the support/joint act, Luke Jackson, it promises to be an amazing night. Both men have fingers that you could cheerfully break if you were a guitarist as they are so incredible.

Tickets on the door (£10- which with the quality of the support is a steal). Or from where there is a whole screed of information.

I like best what Tori Amos says about him:  “Willy plays rhythms that make me want to crawl inside his guitar and sleep there forever.” 

Friday Music


This guy is coming to my village hall on Thursday 25th September (email/facebook me for tickets…). He came last year to support Martyn Joseph and outsold him on CD sales. People were blown away by his performance  and his personality.

I only just discovered this song. I have been trying to tell my children: ‘Whatever you do: wherever you go- I will always be there and I will not turn away’. I have also been made aware that this is what the true nature of friendship/Gospel is: please consign to the dustbin forever: ‘love the sinner; hate the sin.’


Friday Music


Two weeks today, Martyn Joseph comes to play my local village hall. It is more than a dream come true.

As support is this guy, Willy Porter. I am amazed that he is not more widely known.

Amazing. Even though I secretly want to break his fingers…..