I pulled this off a friend’s facebook wall a couple of weeks ago and was so moved by it I used it the Sunday after. Honesty like this is gut wrenching. It is from Philip Pullman the author, who self describes as ‘a Christian Atheist, a Church of England Atheist; a Book of Common Prayer Atheist. a King James Bible Atheist…all those things go deep for me; they formed me; that heritage is impossible to disentangle, like a piece of barbed wire fence embedded in the bark of a tree.’

‘Lord, if I thought you were listening, I’d pray for this above all: that any church set up in your name should remain poor, and powerless, and modest. That it should wield no authority except that of love. That it should never cast anyone out. That it should own no property and make no laws. That it should not condemn, but only forgive.”

The only thing I could add to this is that sometimes the most prophetic insights often come from outside the camp…. reflecting on an election aftermath in the USA where many loud interest groups advocated for a ‘Christianity’ that I struggled to recognise …