I’m thinking about Grace part 37

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!


…to the person who clicked on this site to make my 1000th visitor. I’m still not sure how this figure was arrived at: wordpress counts things differently than blogger (ie- you can’t boost your tally by repeated self clicks), but thank you.

I’m pretty anally retentive: numbers are important to me (I have a frightening, almost scary memory for cricket statistics that I won’t go into here) and a round 1000 is good news. True- some sites I respect have hits into 7 figures. However, 4 figures is good for me: I am not some weird saddo in an unnoticed corner of the blogosphere…… I am just a weird saddo linking with other weird saddos!

Makes me think- just how much do I depend on others for validation? Validation is good when it comes, but maybe the heart of Grace is that you are validated my Christ.Period. (I know that is an Americanism…. I am working 24 7 not to use them…..ooops I just did)…. and you live, as Primal Scream noted:-

‘I believe in you. Got no bounds’

ie openly and expansively, radiating Grace.

So I will do from now on.

PS: Thank you!