It is so easy….

Things financially around here are not as tight as they have been for the last 8 years or so. Ok- I’m not quite in the Ronaldo bracket (neither have I slept with Paris Hilton to my knowledge) and holidays take a bit of financial juggling, but I can buy essentials (wine, cds, books, concert tickets, wine and wine) without planning carefully in advance.

Here is the rub- just because I can after years of not being able to, should I? For at least a week or so, this has been in my shopping basket:-


and it would be so easy to press ‘buy now’….. but I’m thinking of some good folks in Africa whom I have prayed for for 3 years and never been able to support financially before….. and I don’t know.

To paraphrase a recent blog entry quote- it is easy to just live a more religious version of suburban, consumerist life…but I want more that that……..

And to quote ‘The Divine Comedy’ from a few years back:-

‘The cars in the carpark were shiny and German: distinctly at odds with the theme of the sermon’ (Eye of the needle)

But my finger is still hovering above ‘buy now’…..

Instant Fame part 2

People have been asking me what my letter to Q said (ok- one person asked me. I used that phrase deliberately, as I have heard some people overuse it- what they really mean is ‘I want to tell you and I need my fragile ego massaged so I’m hiding behind mythical ‘some people’…….erm….. guilty as charged m’lud).

In the introduction to the letters page it says ‘….a man of the cloth writes in praise of Sir William of Bragg’

It says:-

‘One of the first things I turn to in Q is Billy Bragg’s column. He always has some insight or quirky take on things that make me ponder and think ‘What a national treasure’. I read his column this month ( ‘The Bard ponders God, atheism and the very meaning of existence’) and my jaw dropped; in less than 1000 words he made more sense to me than a whole bus full of cosmologists, quantum physicists, theologians and militant atheists. Thanks- it was just beautiful and in a rock magazine as well!

Below it, they append ‘Thank you. More tea, vicar?’

Ok – it is not Shakespeare and to a non-Q reader it sounds a mite, well,toadying. But remember- this is a magazine that can be sarky about faith- so producing an article like Bragg’s was quite something.

If you read the links to my last posting, it started as I’m 43…in one sense; time is running out (!) – I’m getting to the stage of thinking that a faith that is just personal and can argue theologically but yet does nothing apart from being a ‘professional Christian’ is a waste of space. And I am thinking…why not try and bless a bit more, say thanks a bit more, act impulsively a bit more. And I am, and it is good…

Instant Fame!

I have finally become world famous!

This month’s Q magazine- p10. ‘Letter of the Month’ is a ‘Graham Peacock’ (Rev). It is me!


Remember- when you see me on a stage in front of 1000s, or doorstepped by the parapazzi, or swapping jokes with Bono/Desmond Tutu/Rowan Williams/John Wesley- just think ‘I once read his blog’.

I’m going to lie down now and  polish my ego. Then I will think of 3 jokes and attach a text to them and call it sermon preparation….

Blogaholic that I am, I blogged about the process here and here