The older son

On the last service I preached on my favourite passage ever: the end of Luke 15 and the parable of the prodigal son/waiting father. I meant to be short, but maybe went on too long, although to be honest I could talk about this passage for ever: it usually reduces me to tears.

I heavily based parts of it on one of the best Christian books ever IMHO: Nouwen’s ‘The Prodigal Son’.

I liked this quote which always makes me think and set me off on a journey, which still continues, to try and look ‘outside’:-

‘Looking deeply into myself & then around me at others, I wonder which does more damage, lust or resentment? There is so much resentment among the ‘just’ and the ‘righteous’. There is so much judgement, condemnation & prejudice among the ‘saints’ There is so much frozen anger among the people who are so concerned about avoiding sin’ (Nouwen p71)


I was talking to someone this week who was offering me wise counsel. I need wise counsel right now. He asked me what I wanted- what my dream was. I struggle to answer questions like that, so initially I just said ‘home’ before expanding the comment.

Reading a LICC (London Institute of Contemporary Christianity) mailing this week, one of the links lead to this from Henri Nouwen, meditating on John 15:-

‘When Jesus says “Make your home in me as I make mine in you”, he offers us an intimate place that we can truly call ‘home’. Home is that place or space where we do not have to be afraid but can let go of our defences and be free, free from worries, free from tensions, free from pressures. Home is where we can laugh and cry, embrace and dance, sleep long and dream quietly, eat, read, play, watch the fire, listen to music, and be with a friend. Home is where we can rest and be healed. The word ‘home’ gathers a wide range of feelings and emotions up into one image, the image of a house where it is good to be: the house of love.’