I rarely watch TV these days: there is so much to watch and I don’t know where to start. The choice is bewildering and life is too short.

One thing I make a point of watching is ‘Rev’ on BBC2. There have been a long tradition of ‘revs’ on TV: mostly as figures of fun: I think of Derek Nimmo types, Dick Emery types & Vicar of Dibley types. Few, to me, have any trace of gritty reality; ‘Rev’ is an exception.

Some Christians object to it as it is too dark and unrealistic. I have never quite understood this: it is comedy, it is drama & not reality. I also think that there are parts of the Christian subculture that are uncomfortable with darkness, loose ends and rawness, but that is another subject.

This series has been the best for me: there have been moments that the TV screen sucked me in and I could not look away. The one a few weeks ago on same sex marriage was incredible and the one on this week with its many Holy Week metaphors is some of the best TV I have ever seen. I was moved by the moment he met Liam Neeson, playing God.

I liked the way that God appeared as a down and out swigging lager, saying to Adam (Rev) :‘Hello; I like your dancing’.

I was torn apart by Adam’s honesty on pastoral ministry: ‘I’m trying to keep something alive, but I don’t think that I can do it”

And then, after a string of intentional cliches, God saying to Adam: ‘I understand Adam: I’ll always be here.’

No easy answers, no plan, no map, just assurance.

There are moments when TV transcends the medium: this was one of them. I am so looking forward to next week.