Sometimes I actually read the Sunday papers….

I am going to quote someone else again…

The Observer is the Sunday paper I whinge least at. I like its ‘leftward/liberal take on things, but am occasionally frustrated by it’s Londoncentric world, it’s refusal to engage with re,igion/faith seriously & the strange ironic juxtaposition of crusading journalism with unconscious acceptance of excessive wealth.

There was, however, a rare moment of genuine openness during a ‘celebrity’ interview at the weekend. I am sure it was genuine and not ‘Lance Armstrong meets Oprah’ contrived. Ricky Gervais was being interviewed; he is a passionate advocate for athiesm but began to be open and nuanced about this. He was speaking about his character ‘Derek’ (this series has courted controversy:- is is poking fun at those with a learning disability?  He says not ‘I’ve left behind the veil of irony. This is more sincere.‘) and says this:-

‘Without doubt I wish I was brave and unselfish enough to be like Derek all the time. You try to do your bit but then things get in the way; it’s a bit like the age of innocence has gone. I said I’d never say this in an interview but he’s sort of Christ-like you know? Or what Christians should aim at being, Derek’s a religion’.

I thought that was lovely; real openness without compromising his views. Why is it that people are attracted to Christ-likeness or see it as a virtue…even if they profess no faith?

And then, apart from the profound belief that there is no God…. another reason why he can’t believe:

‘It’s no accident that the people in charge of religion aren’t the kindest or most forgiving’.

A lovely, open interview with much to think about.