Friday miscellany (is that spelt right?)

Things I have liked this week:-

1: Sitting outside to pray and read when I craved to be inside so that I could ‘do’ something. It helped that I could not- I learnt a bit that I am not the centre of the universe.

2: watching 20/20 cricket with all of my family at a blazing hot Chester-le-street (!)

2: drinking beer with a church member till 11.30am. An atmosphere where I could be free- one person that I feel real with.

3: Discovering Sigur Ros ‘Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust’ and Camera Obscura ‘My maudlin career’

4: Trying to learn to play a Fratelli’s song with 3 barre chords. It’s hard now, but I know I will get better.

5: A housegroup where few of the regulars turned up and real honesty and heart sharing happened in a good way and not in a cliched christianese way..

6: Getting almost nothing done I planned to do, but feeling ‘full’ anyway.

7: Having my eyes opened as an arty-farty type by spending half a day with a senir manager and chaplain at a massive steelworks.

Things I have not liked this week:-

1: looking at my diary to remind myself of what happened this week- my memory is less efficient than a forgetful goldfish.

2: I try to say when people ask if I am busy ‘No, I’m not busy, but I have a lot to do’. This week I got busy. That’s been a frequent refrain in the last few weeks.

3: You know the phrase ‘The more I find out about people, the more I like my dog’…occasionally I have felt like this this week…and I do not have a dog or like pets.

(some pics of my modelling career..)

Thanks for reading- I’m hoping to collapse into the weekend…