It was the 500th

 It was the 500th Simpsons episode recently and I failed to commemorate here.

I am not going to attach a video- plenty of scope for that on youtube (although the ‘Spiderpig’ song in the movie has me rolling around the floor; always).

This is one of my favourite Simpsons quotes ever. It is from the ‘Bleeding Gums’ episode. Bleeding Gums Murphy is perhaps my favourite minor Simpsons character:-

Homer to Lisa: ‘Go ahead, play your blues if it’ll make you happy’.

Pure Shakespeare…

The Simpsons

I tried a lesson this week with a group of 13/4 year olds. None of them are going to take GCSE RS, they have finished their school exams and hence their syllabus, they don’t want to be in the lesson and they are bored as only 13/4 year olds can be.

It is like gladiatorial combat in that room- I love it, but it is exhausting. In an attempt to show that RS can be a way to view the world through whether you have faith or not, I turned to cultural icons/ ‘pop’ culture. There is a world of difference between their cultural world view and mine: almost a chasm.

I tried the Simpsons this week- Ned Flanders and Rev Lovejoy- in an attempt (partly for my research) to wrong foot them and discover what they really thought underneath the stock 13/14 year old response of ‘s’boring’.

A few clips, a bit of discussion and some real thoughtful, silence…. I found a quote by Homer Simpson that is one of my favourite ever: deep, funny and at the same time sad:-

  ‘I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman’

…and this was one of my favourite short clips ever….