To muse on

It is about time I read some Hauerwas: I have added this book to my wishlist. I may order it for my birthday and pass it off as a present from my children:

‘What are you reading daddy?’

‘It is a book about western Christianity’s marriage to a dying christendom and the need to be Jesus centred, outsiders and radicals. I’m so fed up of this idea of believing in God and praying as sugar coating on a bloated western life.’

‘Can I play on your i-pod, can we go on the computer, you did say we could watch Boro v QPR in 2 weeks time didn’t you?’


This quote is a corrective to conforming today:-

‘The argument against theodicies was hard learned. When Christianity is assumed to be an ‘answer’ that makes the world intelligible, it reflects an accommodated church committed to assuring Christians that the way things are is the way things have to be.” 

 Stanley Hauerwas, Hannah’s Child, pg. 207