Sherlock/TV/Insiders/outsiders etc

I rarely watch ordinary TV much these days, but I could watch a film or sport any day. Mostly I don’t watch it as it seems so disposable (part of the point of TV, I guess). I did make a point of watching ‘Sherlock’: it was so good, it was hard to tear my eyes from the screen. The BBC seem to have hit on something in this series: less is more…. keep us waiting and then resist the temptation to produce too many episodes.

The press/blogosphere is full of reviews etc about this series and I have not the wit or intelligence to add to that. I only want to highlight an excellent article I read.

The article talks about how the series has been incredibly web/social media savvy- reacting and taking on board fan involvement to a degree rarely seen. Whilst the article praised the show’s creators, it also struck a cautionary note:-

‘The risk of this approach, though, is that the stories become skewed towards the smallest audience that any programme has: the obsessives. While any successful TV drama these days should generate fan fiction, it can not afford to become entirely fan fiction itself. Even shows as successful as Doctor Who and Sherlock should be aiming – especially given the accumulating publicity they receive – to introduce new viewers…’

….and here is the biggest danger for anything that requires any loyalty. In the quest to know more, to build a community of like minded people and to keep the flame alive, you forget the whole reason for why the thing existed: to introduce new participants.

I am involved in a lot of good things in churches at the moment that involve creative rethinking 7 looking at new possibilities. In all this, there are the constant dangers of ‘keeping things as we like them’ or changing/innovating so ‘we will like them better’ and forgetting that it is more about being open to new viewers….