I’m thinking about Grace part 33

Music. Music. Music. If it is the food of love, then I have excess of it (did you spot the nifty Shakespeare allusion there? I did….)

I would be lost without it. In a world of poverty I know I have too much music (but is such a thing really possible?), I know- it is a weakness. I love discovering new bands, new music, new sounds. Often I find music that speaks of the search for something ‘other’ much much more readily in the ‘secular’ realm (actually I increasingly don’t buy the seperation of the terms ‘scared’ and ‘secular’…hmmm this blog is becoming a bit of a cracked record….) than in the ‘Christian’ realm.


I’m currently getting lost in music on ‘spotify’- it is like having a massive massive cd collection on call all the time. On several nights this week I have sat down late at night , intending to work and ending up losing myself in spotify and playing music- new stuff, old stuff ( a night composed of Leonard Cohen, The Clash, The Specials, Elbow, Lily Allen/Mick Jones and the inevitable U2 is pretty special) and just getting lost, lost, gloriously lost in sound…. appreciating more the artistry and the beauty……..

Is it Grace? Or just a commercial enterprise (I use the free service anyway)? Or can it be a mix of both? I don’t know- I love it- it is a real gift to me………music, music, music all of the time.

…ah…take me now Lord- life can’t get any better………….