It is so easy….

Things financially around here are not as tight as they have been for the last 8 years or so. Ok- I’m not quite in the Ronaldo bracket (neither have I slept with Paris Hilton to my knowledge) and holidays take a bit of financial juggling, but I can buy essentials (wine, cds, books, concert tickets, wine and wine) without planning carefully in advance.

Here is the rub- just because I can after years of not being able to, should I? For at least a week or so, this has been in my shopping basket:-


and it would be so easy to press ‘buy now’….. but I’m thinking of some good folks in Africa whom I have prayed for for 3 years and never been able to support financially before….. and I don’t know.

To paraphrase a recent blog entry quote- it is easy to just live a more religious version of suburban, consumerist life…but I want more that that……..

And to quote ‘The Divine Comedy’ from a few years back:-

‘The cars in the carpark were shiny and German: distinctly at odds with the theme of the sermon’ (Eye of the needle)

But my finger is still hovering above ‘buy now’…..