more music…

paulsmall2I don’t really ‘do’ Christian music. I never apologise about that; I’m sorry that is just the way that I am (cf Homer Simpson). Part of that may be an unreasonable prejudice; I became a Christian in the 80s- I loved music and someone suggested I listen to ‘Christian rock’. I listened to what the person suggested and thought it was a bad copy of the ‘real thing’. I’m sorry….. it’s just me…..

I have deep philosophical and theological objections to the ‘Christian music scene’- why do ‘we’ need a seperate scene- if it’s good enough it will survive, people will buy it, and if it’s not- they won’t. Hmm…. and isn’t there something about being salt and light somewhere…

…..and that is an overlong introduction to some ‘Christian’ music that I do like. One song that has been bouncing around my brain the last few days is ‘Go peaceful’ by Paul Field. Last week I outlined my immense fame (ie I had a letter published in a music magazine). Well- a few years back, at a Christian festival, I introduced Paul Field to an afternoon meeting.

A sunny afternoon, indoors, is not the best location for music- but there were loads of people there. I opened up by commenting on this and saying ‘It is true; book a Field and they will come’…………at least some people laughed and I was told off for using humour and irony in a Christian gathering (ok, I made that clause up).

You should listen to the song – only 2:43- but I find the lyrics to be like a creed:-

Go peaceful

In gentleness

Through the violence of these days

Give freely

Show tenderness

In all your ways

Through darkness

In troubled times

Let holiness be your aim

Seek wisdom

Let faithfulness

Burn like a flame

God speed you

God lead you

And keep you wrapped around his heart

May you be known by love

Be righteous

Speak truthfully

In a world of greed and lies

Show kindness

See everyone

Through heaven’s eyes

God hold you

Enfold you

And keep you wrapped around his heart

May you be known by love

May you be known by love

(probably a lot more wholesome than ‘Chelsea Dagger’ by the Fratellis that my children currenly like as their wayward and sinful dad has got them into…)

He was a ‘top bloke’… he wasn’t squeaky clean and didn’t pretend to be- that really appealed to me. Wish I could get hold of the recording- he spoke freely and was brutally honest (yet gracious with it) about the ‘Christian music scene’. Check out Ok- he once wrote a song for Cliff Richard, but everyone can make a mistake….