The Wright Stuff part 2

(now that is a serious library: my sudy could fit on one of those shelves)

Tom Wright bequeathed this story to preachers. I’m one, so I’m using it.

He was in a taxi in London. The taxi driver asked him if he was a vicar. He replied that he was a sort of vicar, he was an Anglican bishop. The taxi driver said he was a Roman Catholic and then said, using the type of quote that only London cabbies can:-

‘What I always say; if God raised Jesus from the dead, all the rest is rock and roll’

I know there is slightly more to it than that- but I think he has a very good point…

The Wright Stuff part 1

I went to Methodist Synod on Saturday. In a previous area I was convinced that we had synods in Methodism as we lacked a doctrine of Purgatory: I had never encountered anything that was quite such a mindnumbing waste of time.

Where I live now they have been much better and it is almost (almost) worth losing a hot Saturday for.

This Saturday was different: it was brilliant. We had Tom Wright (Bishop of Durham among many other things aka N.T.Wright) for 90 minutes. He spoke for 60 minutes and it was not long enough. He made my mind explode with possibility and new direction. Biblical without being dry and boring and with an incredible gift for putting across the complex without using long words or jargon.

Stuff about the resurrection that I guess was apologetics but not a dry and stuffy way. Stuff about the non dualistic approach of Luke/Acts (late Western modernity has made much of the approach to theology/life/faith dualistic viz soul/body , spritual/reality , faith/public life etc etc etc). Sample quote ‘If Luke made up his resurrection stories to explain where Jesus was then he did a very bad job’.

I want to write more about what he said, but I can’t fully- it was so rich. I’ve got lots of notes and I am poring over them right now; trying to integrate them and assimilate them (which probably makes me sound like a Borg from Star Trek……. also that is a kind of theological joke as the guy has written a book with Marcus Borg…….ok- I’ll get my coat- the moment is lost). Passing the bookstall and not buying was a level of resisting temptation equivalent to passing a CD shop without popping in.

I never thought I’d say this about a Synod, but it was almost life changing. Note to self: Buy ‘Simply Christian’ sometime…