They say there was a secret chord…

There isn’t. Trust me: even at my novice level I know.

But it is fun finding out.

After years of dabbling, I got guitar lessons. Progress has been slow; partly through time, lack of ability and age- learning new things in your 40s is hard. But it has been great- I have actually got to play in front of people.

And now, I am trying to learn a new instrument: the ukulele. It is a whole new world; much more lighthearted and easier. It was given to me as a leaving present- I wanted something that would stay, that I would have to work at and was ‘frivolous’.

I have already ‘wasted’ loads of time, learning a new technique and (already) a couple of tunes. Best of all, it can be easily transported and I can already envisage sitting in laybys across my new patch & playing.

There is something about music and attempting to play it that lifts and soothes- just as Saul found when David played that secret chord.