In which I dabble unwisely in American politics…

‘And I’m telling you now that I am coming out as gay and founding the American socialist party’. Perhaps not.

Ok, there were elections in the USA a day or so back. Not being American, there are certain things about USA politics that I do not get. Actually there are certain things about USA politics that most British people do not get: truly the USA and Britain are, as the venerable Tony Benn once observed, two countries seperated by a common language.

One thing I do not get is Republicanism and in particular its Tea Party side. I remember a satirical cartoon at the beginning of the week that said ‘75% of Americans could not find the earth on a map’. From what I have read and seen about Tea Party Republicanism across the pond I cannot understand how any person could believe and advocate what is espoused. A lot of it seems to be based on fear.

There was a fantastic article in the Observer this weekend by Andrew Neil (no dyed in the wool socialist he; although to the Tea Party, perhaps a godless commie subversive)on the Tea Party. In it, one quote stuck out:-

‘It’s the evil of Big Government rather than the goodness of God’s way that really gets their juices going.’

This is the observation of an outsider, but it got me thinking: like them, am I known more for what I hate than what I love?

One more post on this, then I go back to what I know: trivia and sardonic observations about pop culture.