Friday Music


I have ‘rediscovered’ this album (‘The Boatman’s Call’)in the last few days.
It was partly through conversations with people I work with and trying to find openings in unlikely places. Also, the lyrics from this album came flooding back as I spoke with someone else.
It is only in the last few years that I have come to appreciate the music of Nick Cave.The album is rich and detailed. Lyrically it goes from moments of acute sensitivity and finely crafted observations, to expletive laden descriptions. In short, it is like life.
I could have featured ‘Into your arms’ or even ‘Brompton Oratory’ (which manages to blur the experience of taking communion with the post coital glow of his affair with PJ Harvey). Instead I went for this song, which is the only rock song I know that references Immanuel Kant.
A great album for long drives. 
I have many long drives….

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