Friday Music


I have- intentionally- rationed the purchase of new music. Partly it was a cost cutting measure, but also it was through a desire to visit music that I had but never really listened to.

However, last week I broke my fast and bought this album. I had tracked it for a while- one thing about stopping buying music is that you think carefully about buying- I was glad I did. It is a gut wrenching, sparse record recorded just after his 15 year old son was killed.

It is so well and obliquely written that it is hard to say that it is directly about this event (the best poetry is slippery, elusive and hard to analyse), but everywhere his sadness breathes through the fragility of the album.

This song, in particular, is hard to listen to without tears streaming down the face. But then again, I have a 15 year old son and in what I do, I know how fragile a thing is life.

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